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How to Take Your Book From Drafted to Published!

If you’ve already written your draft… are currently writing it... or you know exactly what book you want to write (and you’re committed to finishing it)...

You’re ready for the next steps to put your book out into the world!

In our live training, Your Book, Your Choice: 3 Paths to Publication (So You Can Publish a Book You're Proud Of) you’ve learned how to choose the publishing path that’s most aligned with YOU and your book’s unique qualities and circumstances!

And if you’d like to explore how me and my team here at The Writer’s Ally can help you make the publishing process simpler and smoother – especially if you’re choosing the traditional route or the supported indie publishing path – then 

… I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to book your free strategy call.

Because in this no-obligation strategy call, we’ll talk about your specific goals for your book—so that you can break through any confusion and have more clarity on your next action steps.

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I look forward to speaking with you about your project.

Ally Machate
Founder/CEO of The Writer’s Ally