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If you’re an indie publisher serious about success, then you need an ally who knows this book business inside and out. Our highly skilled team of industry pros can help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, whether you're still planning a catalog or disappointed with the results your published books are achieving.

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"The folks at The Writer's Ally have been incredible to work with. They're flexible, thorough, and very talented. Authors continue to be astounded and humbled by the amount attention this team of editors gives every sentence. I feel very confident that the manuscripts managed by The Writer's Ally are always pristine and press ready." - Tess Klingenstein, Editorial Manager, Inkshares

“Ally understands what it takes to make a book work in the marketplace/how it should be written and presented. She is timely, thorough, and professional!” - Molly Koecher, Vice President and General Manager, Sunrise River Press

“In every instance, Ally has understood exactly what the project needed and delivered just the right level of guidance to the authors and to us. But her ability to tailor her skills to a wide variety of books is just one facet of her professionalism. Ally is the perfect collaborator, an absolute find!” - Andrea Au Levitt, Managing Editor, Hatherleigh Press

We Love Serious Authors

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"The Writer's Ally showed me the places where I had delved only part way into my characters and subplots instead of plunging into the deeper layers that would give the story the richness I wanted. My editor gave me lots of ideas without changing any of my vision for the story I wanted to write. I recommend TWA for all writers who want to take their stories to the next level." - Sally Whitney, Author of Surface and Shadow (Pen-L Publishing, 2016)

"I presented Ally with an incredible array of daunting challenges. She was professional, funny, friendly, and clever as all hell throughout every single step. Not only did her expertise shine on the minutia of the text, but she made insanely helpful suggestions on the fundamental structure of the novel. I took the vast majority of her suggestions and can honestly say that the book is an entirely new beast thanks to her input. A better, stronger beast. I strongly recommend her!" - Travis Sentell, Author of Fluid (Coliloquy, 2014)

"Ally has been with me from the beginning of my writing career. Without her, I don't think I'd have one. The Writer's Ally team helps me past the 'can't see the forest for the trees' issue, which all writers have at times. They point out what's invisible to me and show me the way." - Steven Marini , Author of Connections (Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company, 2012)

"The Writer’s Ally brought wisdom, experience, expertise, and kindness to my journey. My editor ‘got’ me and my writing in a way I never thought possible. I can’t imagine anyone better to help develop and birth a fiction project. I have worked with them several times and am always extremely pleased with the results." - Vicki Matthews, Author of The Goddess Letters (Missing Voice Publications, 2012)

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